15 Purple Nails To Keep You Feeling Royal

Purple is the color of royalty. Every shade of purple is beautiful with its rich and eye-catching warmth that still can send a shiver down your spine. Purple nails are so versatile and look great in any shade, with or without glitter, bedazzled, striped, or just as they are! Purple is also a great color for any skin tone, making you feel fabulous and stylish all day long!

Here are 15 gorgeous purple nails for any occasion and you will feel like you can take on anything you are the queen after all.

1. Glitter and ombre are great when purple polish is used!
Purple Nails1

2. Use a frosty silver polish on a purple nail. The ultimate match for a chevron look!
Purple Nails2

3. Almond-shaped nails and this deep purple add the perfect amount of ferocity to your look.
Purple Nails3

4. Coffin nails and all the glam — these scream royalty!
Purple Nails4

5. These nails are for someone who knows they deserve the best treatment. Purple nails got so much better when they met matte!
Purple Nails5

6. Fierce purple and pink faded nails with the right amount of blind for your inner queen.
Purple Nails6

7. White on purple is great but these white feathers really pop!
Purple Nails7

8. Bubbly polka dots floating up on a purple base look super sweet!
Purple Nails8

9. These nails are like a perfect starry purple sky!
Purple Nails9

10. Trap some colored glitter near your cuticle for a pop to your purple nails!
Purple Nails10

11. This is a beautiful ombre nail utilizing each nail for a fabulous fade across your hand.
Purple Nails11

12. Use a deep rich purple color to really express your seductive side.
Purple Nails12

13. Deep, dark, and dangerous.
Purple Nails13

14. Delicate gold stripes to give your purple nails the right amount of edge!
Purple Nails14

15. Purple serves as the best base color for you to layer with to make your nails pretty as a present!
Purple Nails15


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