Scientists Thought It Was An Ordinary Colorful Stone, Until They Turned The Lights Off…

Our natural world creates some of the most beautiful things you will ever see in your lifetime. Humans try with all their might to replicate nature’s beauty, but we always seem to fall short. There really is nothing on our planet that can compare to the raw and natural beauty that our world creates on its own. Rocks and minerals have always been a great source of natural beauty. Certain stones and minerals are valued for their rarity and can cost astronomical prices. In 2003, a group of scientists in Australia discovered one of the most beautiful gems I have ever seen. In fact, it probably is the most beautiful gem I’ve ever laid on my eyes on. This thing glows like someone took hundreds of fireworks and stuck them inside a stone to explode. This thing is absolutely incredible.

Rainbow Opal1

Scientists discovered this opal in 2003. It’s been under intensive study since then, but now it’s finally on display at the Southern Australia Museum.

Rainbow Opal2

The Virgin Rainbow is the most intensely colored opal that can be found on Earth.

Rainbow Opal3

The opal was found in a mine in Southern Australia. It is worth over $1 million!

Rainbow Opal4

The exhibit at the museum was modeled after the actual mine that the opal was discovered in.

Rainbow Opal5

Opals are made from silica. They are transparent, but their internal structure allows them to refract light at almost any angle.

Rainbow Opal6

They are extremely popular in Australia and in many other places around the world. They are used to make elaborate jewelry.

Rainbow Opal7

Opals have garnered many stories throughout the time humans have admired them. They were said to bring good luck in the Middle Ages because they contained the color of every gem. It was also said that if you wrapped a bay leaf around an opal you could harness the power of invisibility.

The beauty of these opals is almost too great to comprehend. Finding this thing must have been an absolute thrill for these miners, especially because they are so highly regarded in Australia. It’s amazing that pieces of rock can be worth so much to us. I had no idea these kinds of opals even existed, let alone are valued at millions of dollars. I may have to go to Australia and look for some for myself.


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