She Paints Old CDs To Create Beautiful Wall Art

This nifty DIY project only requires a few supplies and can be done relatively quickly and easily. The result is an awesome and unique piece of wall art.

All you need is a CD, a paintbrush, pencil, black acrylic paint, and a screwdriver.

Recycle Old CD1

Start by covering the non-label side of the CD with a coat of black acrylic paint. Wait a few minutes for it to fully dry.
Recycle Old CD2

Next, take the pencil and draw out your design. You can follow the example below or draw a pattern of your own.
Recycle Old CD3

The pencil marks are just for tracing, so feel free to erase and get creative.
Recycle Old CD4

Once the design is set, take the screwdriver and scratch the paint off all the pencil lines.
Recycle Old CD5

The final result is the shiny part of the CD is illuminated through the black paint creating an awesome effect.
Recycle Old CD6

It looks great when hung up on a wall. Create a few more designs to make the pieces really pop.
Recycle Old CD7

There are infinite design possibilities and the CDs are very easy to hang up. Just put a piece of painter’s tape on the backside of it and stick it to the wall.
Recycle Old CD8


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