Instead Of Throwing Away His Empty Coffee Cans, He Upgrades His Backyard In A Brilliant Way

Whenever he finished a can of coffee, rather than throw away the containter, Scott decided to get creative!  The results are pretty awesome!

Tiki Lights
Scott created these tiki lights out of old coffee containers, paint, solar lights and pebbles. He discovered that the paint didn’t adhere well to the plastic and recommends that you try scuffing the plastic with steel wool or sandpaper and then applying a plastic primer before you paint. He also recommends using a Dremel instead of a utility knife. In spite of the problems he ran into, Scott’s tiki lights turned out great.
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Herb Garden
Tasya with My House and Home decided to turn her extra cans into planters for an herb garden. Her coffee cans were metal, but plastic should also work for the job. She used natural sisal and a hot glue gun to hold the rope in place. Starting at the bottom, she wrapped and glued until the cans were covered. She then added the tags with names she had printed off.
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Instructables created “green” birdhouses out of leftover coffee cans. Simply paint your container, cut a hole for the bird, mount a perch bar and install the house on a platform.
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Dry Goods Storage
Kitchen Kelli created these handy storage containers. She used Krylon paint that was rated for plastic and some labels she had bought at Michaels. She does caution that you allow the containers to cure for four to five days before you use them so that the paint has time to fully set. The containers are great for food, craft items or anything else you may want to sort and store.
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Dry Goods Storage (#2)
If painting is not your thing and you use cream, then FrugElegance has an idea for you. She takes her old creamer containers and cuts off the labels and sanitizes the containers to make them into handy storage bins. The labels come off easily and leave no sticky residue behind.
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Garage Storage Shelf
This great idea was posted on Instructables. The creator simply turned his coffee containers into storage containers for his garage so he could keep his garage neat and organized. The containers are great for holding all kinds of odds and ends.
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Gift Jars for Holiday Treats
People are always giving gifts at Christmas, and turning your leftover coffee containers into Christmas wrapping is a great way to upcycle. Simply print pictures from online that fit the squares of the coffee container, or cut squares of paper and come up with your own decorations to put on them. Glue the paper onto the containers, fill them and place an embellishment on top.
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To create these great centerpieces, all you need is some wrapping paper, ribbon and flowers. Wrap the can in wrapping paper, decorate it with ribbon and then fill it with the flowers of your choice.

All of these ideas are great ways to reuse old coffee containers that would otherwise probably end up in landfills. Going green and making useful items at the same time is a win-win situation.
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