This Woman Recycles Old Towels For This Craft That You Can Do Right At Home

Linda Facci of New York shares how to make a rag rug for the bathroom out of old bathroom towels in a “Throwback Thursday” episode on HGTV. Facci takes you step-by-step through the process, utilizing seemingly worthless rags and transforming them into a product that no one would ever guess was not bought at a store.

The technique Facci uses is as simple as cutting the towels into strips, joining them at the ends and braiding them together. After she has a long, braided “rope,” she coils the rope and sews the coils together to form her rug.

Many different options for making rag rugs definitely exist, but Facci’s is probably one of the simplest. Using old towels allows people to have a super-absorbent carpet to step on when they get out of the shower. They can also keep some their color scheme in tact without having to buy new accent pieces. Making rag rugs out of old towels appears to be a win-win situation.


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