Malnourished Kitten Is Saved From Roadside And Surprises His Adopted Family With A Beautiful Transformation

Silas the kitten was starving, close to death, when a Florida family found him along the road. After they adopted him and nursed him back to health, Silas underwent an incredible transformation, from this:
starving kitten

To this!
starving kitten1

A giant fluffy, white furball.
starving kitten2

So naturally, the family created an Instagram account for this gorgeous white marshmallow to share his happy moments.
starving kitten3

Now THAT’s a beard.
starving kitten4

starving kitten5

starving kitten6

“Massage me, hoomins.”
starving kitten7

starving kitten8

starving kitten9

starving kitten10

And a final side-by-side photo, showing the amazing transformation.

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