She Stunned The High School Bullies By Inviting Them To Her Party

So, my mom is pretty badass. She told me the story of her high school bullies, and how she beat them at their own game.

So, she was around 16, getting bullied at school pretty much every day. The “cool kids” where mean to her because she got better grades and because she was short (???) and lots of small, childish things. And so, one night she decided to get them back.

She had a boyfriend at the time, that was a bit older, and they had decided to throw a party together. They planned it out and invited all of their friends. It was very fancy, (his friends from muni came, and it was a black tie) and when she invited her friends to school, her bullies heard of it. And so she said, “If you’re interested, you can come.” You know, to be nice. For some reason, they said yes, but she didn’t tell them about the dress code.

So when the night of the party rolls around, her and her boyfriend’s friends get there and starts drinking champagne.

This is when there’s a knock on the door, and the bullies are outside. She opens the door, with her (tall, dark and handsome, older) boyfriend next to her, in a long glitter dress, him in a tuxedo, with a glass of champagne. They think it’s just a normal party, so they are wearing jeans and t-shirts with beer in some plastic bags.

She looks at them, and says “Oh, I guess you misunderstood what my parties are like.” And slams the door in their faces. Right after, well knowing the window is open, her boyfriend says: “I thought you said they were cool? Who shows up at a party wearing jeans?” With the most spiteful voice.

Next day of school, everyone was talking about the party.

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