He Saw A Woman Acting Unreasonably Toward A 7-11 Employee, And Stepped Right In…

I was in a 7-11 making a purchase once when some yuppie lady interrupted my transaction. She angrily told the cashier that the coffee wasn’t hot. He apologized and told her that he could make another pot right away. She said, “No, I’m way to busy to wait for that!” The clerk offered her a refund, and she responded with “No, I don’t want a refund! I’m busy, and I want a hot cup of coffee RIGHT NOW!”

I felt so bad for this clerk who, judging by his accent, hadn’t been in the country for very long and was shocked by her rudeness. I just snapped and said “Listen you, stupid lady, he apologized that the coffee wasn’t hot, offered to make you another pot or a refund. What do you expect him to do? The only way for him to comply with your request is to get a time machine and brew another pot before you get here. Does he look like some sort of time traveling wizard to you!? You need to just shut up, get back into your ridiculous SUV and try to act like an adult!”

She just stood there shaking, I couldn’t tell if it was rage or fear, but after what seemed like an eternity, she ran out of the store and took off. All the people in line clapped for me. The clerk was shocked at my outburst as well but told me, “It’s good to know that some people will stand up for strangers in this country.”

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