An Autistic Kid Was Bullied In High School To The Point He Left The Class Crying, But Then This Happened…

My high school was relatively free from bullying, but the biggest hullabaloo surrounded a mildly autistic student we had who was the subject of some tormenting from his classmates.

Some douches figured out they could make him lose his cool by repeatedly clicking their pens
and then acting like they couldn’t hear it. It got so bad he had to leave class crying. Our history teacher whom the whole school liked (went on to become principal) went door to door in every classroom to explain to the students what was going on. Rather than talk about the bullying he simply told us that he had thought better of us and was very disappointed to be proven wrong.

Sometime the next week someone was clicking the pens again to rile the poor student up when the quarterback of our football stood up, walked over to the kid doing the clicking, took his pens, books, and backpack and threw it all in the garbage before returning to his seat. The English teacher leading the class acted like they hadn’t seen a thing. The bullying stopped after that.


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