He Was Happy To Encourage A Lonely Student Afraid To Dance

So at the middle school dance, I was DJing tonight, this kid comes walking up to me, saying that his friends told him that he should come up and ask me if he could be in the dance contest. This kid was nerdy, obviously an outcast, and extremely socially awkward. I felt like I was looking at my past self through a mirror.

The times come for the dance contest, and there he is, dancing his butt off (about as awkwardly and goofy as he looked and acted.) A little part of me smiled inside as I thought about my school-age years of being a nerdy little outcast. I declared him the winner and gave him his iTunes gift card. About 10 minutes later, the kid comes walking up to the DJing area, looks at me, and smiles saying “I can’t believe I won!”. I smiled at him, gave him a high five, and said “Great job kid!”.

Knowing he is heading for many interesting years of personal conflict, trying to fit in, and the occasional bullying, I thought to myself as he walked away, that I hope he stays proud of who he is, and never changes a thing. And life comes full circle.

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