Baby Has An Amusing Conversation With Her New Fluffy Shorkie Puppy

Sophie, is a baby dog whisperer!  This little sweetheart and the family pup, Wicket the Shorkie, have an incredible bond and it’s impossible to tell who’s having more fun!
shorkie puppy and baby conversation 1

A “shorkie,” as they’re called, is a crossbreed between a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu.  The result is the miniature ball of cuteness seen romping with Sophie. The tiny duo has a special way of communicating through yips, giggles and barks. Even though they’re not the same species, they play like the best of friends.
shorkie puppy and baby conversation 2

After several minutes of “talking” back and forth with each other, the two finally call it quits and settle down for a much needed nap! We’re sure that Sophie and Wicket will be best friends forever!


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