24 Signs That You And Your Pup Can’t Live Without Each Other

Do you and your dog try to do as many things together as you possibly can? Eat your meals, watch Netflix, take naps, go on vacation…? If so, you may be coming down with a severe case of puppy love, or what I like to call “attached-at-the-hip” disorder. There’s no cure, but don’t worry. That’s just the way we like it.

Perhaps you can do a little self-diagnosis with these 24 signs:

1. Your dog is the only one you’d ever leave the house before your morning coffee for.

Signs Inseparable1

2. If your dog isn’t invited to the party, you seriously reconsider attending. “They did say plus one…”

Signs Inseparable2

3. You like all the same shows (well at least they never complain about watching them).

Signs Inseparable3

4. You’ve seen each other naked on more than one occasion.

Signs Inseparable4

5. Your favorite weekend activities include hiking, running, walking, skateboarding – basically any activity your dog can accompany you on.

Signs Inseparable5

6. You’d rather meet for a coffee at the dog park vs. a coffee shop any day.

Signs Inseparable6

7. You both have a mutual hatred for that feisty kitten next door.

Signs Inseparable7

8. You can sit in silence for hours without it ever being awkward.

Signs Inseparable8

9. Your dog is almost always in arm’s reach.

Signs Inseparable9

10. Your dog has no judgment towards your awkward dancing or dirty dishes.

Signs Inseparable10

11. Your Aunt Sue knows your dog’s name but not your significant other’s.

Signs Inseparable11

12. You have matching beds if your pup doesn’t already have a spot in yours.

Signs Inseparable12

13. Your pup is your go-to selfie pawtner.

Signs Inseparable13

14. You love your friends who have dogs just a little bit more because that usually means your dog can tag along for a puppy play date too.

Signs Inseparable14

15. You traded a gym membership for running in the park with your pooch.

Signs Inseparable15

16. You suffer from major separation anxiety anytime you’re not together.

Signs Inseparable16

17. If you do have to leave him, you require hourly updates.

Signs Inseparable17

18. If he’s not feeling well you consider taking a pawsonal day.

Signs Inseparable18

19. You would never let anyone come between you two.

Signs Inseparable19

20. Sometimes, you like to match.

Signs Inseparable20

21. You know all the dog friendly spots in town, and their doggie menu items by heart.

Signs Inseparable21

22. You’re more excited about planning your dog’s birthday party than your own.

Signs Inseparable22

23. You have some of the best memories together.

Signs Inseparable23

24. There are basically no limits to your relationship.

Signs Inseparable24


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