By Putting PVC Pipes Next to Each Other, You Can Create A Common Household Necessity

Many families leave their shoes in the doorway. For some it’s a matter of utilizing a foyer, for others it facilitates quick come-and-go for busy people, and for still others it’s a cultural thing. The problem is, however, that shoes tend to pile up by the door, which gets unsightly or even hazardous. Throwing them into a bin has everyone pawing through everyone else’s shoes, and shoe racks and shelves are often not suited for certain shoe sizes or shapes.

Home Made Simple has a solution which works wherever shoes pile up – foyers, porches, or even closets. With PVC pipe and glue, paint, and your imagination, you’ll soon have a custom-built piece of furniture that will solve an annoying household problem.

First, determine how many pairs of shoes you’d like to store. Then cut the PVC pipe into that number of 10” lengths – the home improvement store will do this for you if you prefer. Next, while keeping the 10” pipes upright on the table, assemble them into an arrangement that pleases you. Anything goes – asymmetrical, long and thin, short and wide – whatever works for your aesthetics and within the space you have available.

When you have an arrangement you like, apply PVC glue in the places where pipes touch each other. It dries fairly quickly, but it’s helpful to have some clamps to hold the pipes in place during drying. When the glue is dry your new shoe cubby is ready to be primed, painted, and placed in position!

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