Patient Transporter Who Has Worked At Hospital For 31 Years Brings Smiles With His Singing

Lindon Beckford has been transporting patients at the same hospital for more than 30 years now.  He loves to spread joy at his workplace while he transports patients from their operation rooms to their temporary room. For some patients, being in the hospital is a very scary thing. But being wheeled through the unfamiliar hallways by Lindon is a whole other story.

He always greets his patients with a smile as he introduces himself, “My name is Lindon and I’ll be your chauffeur.” He then taps into the power of music and sings to the patients.   When he first began his job years ago, singing just came naturally.  When he realized the patients enjoyed it, he started taking requests and some people even sing along with him.

Singing to the patients takes their minds off why they are in the hospital and cheers them up.  Watch this beautiful man work in the video below.


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