Inventors Create A New Way To Play Beer Pong

So you’re doing the beer pong thing, picking up the ball over and over as it rolls on the nasty floor, dunking it in the dirty cup and drinking the by now dirt-filled beer. Anything wrong with this picture? Everyone seems to accept this nasty beer pong scenario but it’s past due that this game needs to clean up it’s act!

So wouldn’t you know, some beer pong enthusiasts have figured out the ultimate solution to those dirty ass balls. It’s the “Slip Cup” and they are essentially protective cups that will cover up your beer so that dirty ball never touches the cheap liquids. But the “integrity” of the game remains. And with the Slip Cup you can still pour beer in your cup per usual, but won’t have the ball continually bouncing in and out.They had a goal of raising 70 grand on Kickstarter and they actually surpassed it with over 76k raised!


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