These Adorable Unicorn Slippers That Light Up With Every Step You Take Are Beyond Awesome

Slippers are pretty great. Unicorns are pretty great too. And light-shoes, they’re super great. Now some clever soul has combined all three to bring much-needed light-up unicorn slippers to the world.

Creators Smoko are charging $39.99 for the privilege of wearing cozy cotton unicorns on your tootsies that light up with every step you take between the fridge and the couch.

unicorn slipper

The lights have a built in 6-color-changing LED bulb, so you’ll be treading on rainbows wherever you go in these slippers.

unicorn slipper1

And, obviously, they’re ridiculously adorable.

unicorn slipper2

They come with the batteries included, which should last you up to six months (unless you start wearing them absolutely everywhere, of course).

unicorn slipper3

So impractical, so cute, what more could you want?

unicorn slipper4

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