It Looks Like A Little Cabin From The Outside, But Wait Until You See Inside…

If you love the coziness of a cabin but also the space to kick back and stretch out, this Rustic River Park Home cabin might be for you.

Encouraging their customers to “choose your own adventure,” they customize each dream home to the new homeowner’s specifications and needs, whether it’s a family getaway, writer’s retreat or zen weekend destination.

Small cabin1

This particular model is called the “Chattahoochee,” after the river on the Alabama and Georgia border.
Small cabin2

At 43 feet long and 11 feet wide, this cabin is large enough to accommodate a small family.
Small cabin3

Although, it would also be a perfect couple’s getaway to have a home-cooked dinner and relax by the fire.
Small cabin4

The porch and sunroom can be opened up to provide a perfect spot for summer board games.
Small cabin5

The vaulted ceilings and wooden interior are a perfect blend of contemporary chic and homey charm.
Small cabin6

It’s amazing to think of how that sprawling granite kitchen fits into such a relatively small space.
Small cabin7

Behind the kitchen is the downstairs bedroom. Look at that little triangular window for letting the morning light spill in.
Small cabin8

And not a bad garden view either.
Small cabin9

The cabin has a set of bunk beds with storage areas and its very own bathroom. Doesn’t this look just perfect for sleepovers?
Small cabin10

The master bedroom is upstairs in the loft with a king-size bed and plenty of room to spread out.
Small cabin11

It looks like the perfect place for a cozy family vacation on the lake.
Small cabin12


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