After Soldier Son Dies, Mom Visits Grave To Find The Mysterious Boy Who Keeps Showing Up There

On Memorial Day, 7-year-old Mason and his family headed off to the Wilmington National Cemetery. In an amazing show of respect, the family was there to place American flags at the graves of fallen soldiers.

Suddenly, Mason ran off from his mom, Sarah. Panicked, she rushed around to find her son — but it wasn’t long before she spotted him sitting at a soldier’s grave. Mason seemed to be completely in awe.

The name on the headstone was Sergeant TJ Butler, and Sarah could tell Mason felt a particular connection to the soldier buried there.

“Mason had a lot of questions,” Sarah said. “He wanted to know if he had a son and a family, and wanted to know more about him.”

Mason and Sarah kept returning to the cemetery to visit Sgt. Butler’s grave. The little boy drew a picture and wrote a sweet note for the soldier. He even placed the paper in a plastic bag so it wouldn’t be damaged.

And what do you know… Sergeant Butler’s mother, who frequently visits his grave, eventually found Mason’s note sitting on his tombstone.

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