How To Solve The Mildew Problem In Your Washing Machine

Mold in the washing machine? Yes, it does happen. You would think that a washing machine would be clean, but mold does build up and remains in many front-load machines.

This could be the reason your clothes start to smell oddly moldy even after washing. Mold spores will get all over your clothes and cause the disturbing stench. You many not even be able to detect it, but if your machines moldy, chances are it will end up on your clothing. It really is nasty and can lead to harsh health effects if not dealt with.

Turns out there has even been a lawsuit launched against certain big name appliance companies over this.

Thankfully it turns out there is something you can do about this and it doesn’t involve having to get a whole new washer. With only two ingredients, you can nip this problem in the bud!

Pretty nasty, right? Most people will turn to the pro appliance repairman to fix washing machines, and when they get a quote they sometimes opt to just buy a whole new machine altogether.

solution mildew problem 1

It turns out you can bring your machine back to near new condition. What you need is 16 ounces of white vinegar and Clorox bleach.

DO NOT MIX these together though! They become toxic and poisonous when mixed together so you need to use them separately.

solution mildew problem 2

So mix the bleach with equal parts warm water. Then soak a rag with this mix and wipe down the accessible parts. This includes the area which is hidden underneath the rubber seal. There might be an area too tough to scrub, so just leave a soaked rag or towel on it for 30 minutes. This kills off the mildew.

Now run the machine while it is empty on the hottest setting possible. This will rinse out the bleach.

solution mildew problem 3

Now when that is through, you add 16 ounces of the vinegar to the machine and run again on the hottest temp. And that’s it. You are all done and your washing machine is totally clean! Definitely, a cheap way to get a super clean machine!

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