She Transforms A Spice Rack Into This Useful Items

Spice racks can be found in almost every home, as they are a great way to store and organize all the spices in your kitchen. For whatever reason, people occasionally end up with an old spice rack that they no longer wish to use for its intended purpose. Whether it be general wear and tear, or you’ve fallen in love with a newer and better spice rack, there’s no reason that the original one in your kitchen has to go to into the trash. Here are some great ideas for upcycling or repurposing an old spice rack into something both beautiful and useful in any home:

Prepping The Spice Rack

Spice Rack1

No matter what you have in store for that old spice rack, it is best to prep it for customization by sanding it down or making sure there are no cracks or chipped paint on it.

Repaint And Use As A Paint Caddy

Spice Rack2

You can give your old spice rack a complete makeover simply by painting it in your favorite color(s). Aside from spices, these racks are great for holding other small, cylindrical items like craft paint containers. It almost looks like it was meant to be a paint caddy to begin with.

Display Your Necklaces

Spice Rack3

When mounted on the wall, spice racks can easily be converted into an elegant necklace display with just a couple of modifications. You can paint them to match the color of your decor, and they also double as makeshift shelves.

Ribbon Station

Spice Rack4

If you love arts and crafts, this project is definitely up your alley. Ribbon can be a pain to keep sorted and organized, but with the help of a couple of spice racks, you can make wall-mounted dispensers so that they are always within reach.

Craft Organization

Spice Rack5

Even if you don’t have an endless supply of various types of ribbon, spice racks are still great for keeping all your craft supplies organized. The empty spice jars featured in this project make it easy to see what you have at a glance, and the rack makes it easy to put away and store what you are not using.

A Nail Art Station

Spice Rack6

Fabulous nails don’t come easy, and any nail enthusiast knows that you need a healthy cache of nail polish and tools to get the job done right. It can be a bit messy, but with the help of a few spice racks, any area can be converted into a nail-art station.

Art Studio Desk

Spice Rack7

Similar to creating a nail-art station, the same principle applies to a traditional art area. In this example, spice racks were used to store and organize paint supplies.

Organizing Dessert Toppings

Spice Rack8

Whether it be candy sprinkles or crushed graham crackers, dessert is always a bit more fun with a few additions. Make dessert fun again with the help of a well-organized spice rack of treats.

Additional Kitchen Storage

Spice Rack9

We could all use a bit more room in our kitchen for extra storage. Adding a few more cabinets isn’t always feasible, but you can easily affix a few extra shelves by wall-mounting a couple of inexpensive spice racks. They are the perfect size for holding cups and glasses.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Spice Rack10

This clever DIY uses a spice rack to create an above-the-sink self for the guest bathroom. It adds a touch of elegance and keeps paper towels handy for guests after they wash their hands.

Office Supplies

Spice Rack11

More than just useful in the home, spice racks can also come in handy in the office. It can be used to keep staples, pins, thumb tacks, paperclips, and even pencil lead all neatly organized with very little effort. No more messy drawers.

Book Organization

Spice Rack12

What better way to encourage your kids to pick up a book and read than by having them neatly displayed? Their room might not have space for a full bookcase, but you can easily add a couple of shelves with some cost-effective spice racks.

Toilet-Paper Holder

Spice Rack13

If you are looking for a way to brighten up the feel of your bathroom, this simple DIY will teach you to make a toilet-paper holder with a bit of extra charm.


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