Rescued Baby Squirrel Becomes Man’s Best Friend

Squirrels. These furry, often-bushy-tailed little rodents can be found in nearly every nook and cranny of the globe. While many people love to watch these small, cute mammals frolic in parks, they can often be quite the pest. They’re well-known invaders of attics and other uninhabited spaces in homes, where they can wreak absolute havoc on roofing, electrical wiring, and other critical aspects of one’s home.

Squirrels inhabiting the empty spaces beneath cabins were thought to be the culprits in that particular outbreak of the infamous disease. But squirrels aren’t all bad. They occupy an important ecological niche. Because they feast heavily on fruits, nuts, and seeds, they are pivotal in spreading various plant species throughout their territory. They’re also an important food source for owls, and everybody loves owls.

This particular squirrel seems to be a bit friendlier than the rest. Rescued as a baby by a man in Poland, he’s become quite the steadfast companion to his savior.


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