What She Creates With Old Flowerpot Holders Is Beyond Incredible

Fresh produce is an essential component to any healthy, home-cooked meal. No matter what you are cooking in the kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate some veggies or fruits to your dish. You may be accustomed to storing your fresh goods in the fridge or in a bowl off to the side of the kitchen counter, but Tracy from the blog At Home with Sweet T had a different idea.

It is important to keep fruits and veggies away from possible contamination during preparing meats and other foods in the kitchen. Tracy’s DIY produce stand ensures that your fruits and veggies are safely out of range from the busy countertop and stovetop. This cost-effective produce stand will definitely be a new favorite in your kitchen!
What you’ll need:

8′ 1×3 board (1)
1 1/2″-diameter dowel rod (1)
Pot holders (3)
Paint (optional)

“This all started when I started snooping around my parents’ garage and I spotted these pot holders for railings,” she wrote in her post. “Of course I asked if I could have them oh-so-sweetly as I was already headed to put them in the car.”

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders1

Taking the 8-foot board, Tracy started by measuring and cutting two 35.5-inch pieces and two 12.5-inch pieces from it.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders2

Next, she cut 10-inch sections from the dowel using a saw.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders3

Using a square as a guide, she determined the center of each of the 35.5-inch panels. “This will help with hole placement,” she explained in her post. “Using the square again and your tape measure, mark one inch from the top of the board, which is where the top of the hole will be for the first rung.” Using that mark as a base point, she measured down 1.5 inches to determine the bottom of the hole. Then, she measured and marked the center of the previous two indicators.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders4

Now, it was time to make the holes. “You won’t be drilling all the way through the board, so it’s a good idea to place the Forstner bit beside the board and make a mark with a permanent marker or tape – or just making a mental note – where on the Forstner bit to stop,” she wrote.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders5

Here is one of the longer boards with the holes drilled into the previously-marked spots.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders6

Next, she created pilot holes with the small indentation that was left over from making the first holes.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders7

Then, she smoothed all the edges with a router.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders8

Before assembling all the pieces, Tracy gave everything a good sanding.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders9

Now came the time to put everything together. She laid one 35.5-inch board on a flat surface with the holes facing up and inserted the three dowels into place. Then, she placed the second board on top, lining it up with the placement of the dowels. Because she did it all herself, she used clamps to hold everything together.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders10

Next, she added screws to the pilot holes through the sides and into the dowels.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders11

Finally, she affixed the two 12.5-inch pieces of wood to each side to make the “feet” so that the structure can stand on its own.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders12

That’s all there is to building the produce stand! Simply hang the pot holders onto each dowel, and it is ready to go. For Tracy, she wanted to spray-paint her stand white.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders13

And here it is – all done! It goes perfectly with the rest of her decor, and you can see that it is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the busy kitchen.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders14

For more information on this impressive produce stand, be sure to check out Tracy’s post here.

Stand Using Flower Pot Holders15


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