You Have Been Peeling Post-It Notes Wrong This Whole Time And This Is The Reason Why

My vote for “greatest invention of all time” has to go to the Post-it note. I can’t begin to imagine how many times Post-its, or “sticky notes,” have helped me. They remind me about laundry, groceries, and important meetings.

Most people’s first instinct is to grab a Post-it and pull it straight upwards. Unfortunately, this causes the note to curl up towards the top. The solution?

sticky notes hacks

Pull from the side! Instead of grabbing the bottom and pulling towards the sticky side, grab the side of the Post-it and pull across the sticky side. When you do it this way, you’re left with a nice, flat note.

sticky notes hacks

Still skeptical? See for yourself! Here is a side-by-side comparison of the notes, one of which looks way easier to write on.

sticky notes hacks

In case you’re still confused, here’s a video tutorial of the perfect “Post-it peeling” form:


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