The Reasons Behind Your Constipation And Bloating And How You Can Quickly Resolve It

Here are a few dietary changes  you should consider implementing to avoid the foods which cause stomach bloating or constipation:

Dairy products

The excessive consumption of cheese, milk, and yogurt may lead to bloating and gases, so you should turn to flax, almond, coconut, or soy milk.


It is hard for the body to process the oligosaccharide in beans, soak the beans before you cook them in order to lose part of the sugars in beans, .

Salty foods

Sodium can cause water retention, so you should limit your intake of salt to 2,300 mg daily.

Broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus

Raffinose, which is a sugar type that is hard for the body to digest until it reaches the large intestine, causes bloating. Therefore, you should consume these in moderate amounts.

Soft drinks

Soda and beer release carbon dioxide causing bloating of the stomach.

Chewing gums and hard candies

They both make you swallow more, and thus swallow more air. Candies and chewing gums can contain too many artificial sugars which lead to terrible gastrointestinal issues.

Apples and pears

Fruits that are high in soluble fibers which cannot be easily digested by a sensitive stomach.

Furthermore, gases, constipation, and stomach bloating can also be a result of unhealthy dietary habits, stress, and a low number of good bacteria in the intestines. However, you should solve these problems on time and prevent additional complications and discomfort.

The following foods will help you treat indigestion and reduce bloating:

Peppermint tea

This tea soothes the muscles in the digestive tract, and it effectively treats irritable bowel syndrome.


Raw parsley is excellent in the case of halitosis, but it is also highly beneficial for digestion as well. It has potent diuretic properties, and it can help you relieve bloating, melt excess pounds, and remove the fat deposits in the body.


Add the juice of half a lemon to a quart of water and drink this mixture every morning on an empty stomach. It will do wonders for your digestion!


Fennel and fennel seeds function as antispasmodics in the colon, relieve bloating and eliminate gases. Fennel soothes the pain due to indigestion, relaxes the muscles in the digestive tract, and stimulates the flow of the bile.


Pineapples have powerful protein-digesting enzymes which prevent bloating and help digestion. Moreover, their anti-inflammatory properties are of great help in the case of bloating.

Apple cider vinegar

It is regarded as the best solution for bloating and gases. Apple cider vinegar stimulates your digestive juices, and you will never ever have problems with your digestion. Add 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water, and drink it to relieve any digestive problems.


Ginger contains a protein-digestive enzyme known as zingibain, which gastrointestinal issues. To relieve bloating and eliminate gases, add a bit of ginger root to your meals.

Chamomile tea

The anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory and carminative properties of chamomile tea relax the body tissues and soothe mucous membranes. Moreover, this herb reduces stress, which is one of the main causes of indigestion.

Caraway seeds

Caraway seeds have potent carminative properties which prevent the creation of gases, stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines, and lead to a flat stomach.


Papaya has a powerful protein-digesting enzyme, papain, which reduces bloating and gases, and kills the microorganisms that lead to bloating.


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