These Cozy Fish Tail Blankets Will Unleash Your Inner Mermaid

When you’re splashing around in tropical waters or sunbathing on rocks, channeling your inner mermaid is very easy in summertime. But as temperatures plummet, how can fish-tailed folks keep cozy?

Worry not, you can buy yourself a snug mermaid tail blanket.
fish tail blanket

Handmade by crochet artist Melanie Campbell, these colorful knits will brighten up any gloomy winter day.
fish tail blanket1

They come in adult, toddler, and children’s sizes and are available in girly pink or a fetching aquatic blue.
fish tail blanket2

From $112, you can indulge your mermaidy dreams — or just keep your tootsies warm when you’re watching Netflix.
fish tail blanket3


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