Students Enter The Classroom For Exams. What Their Teacher Did Will Touch Your Heart

Chandni Langford is a fifth-grade teacher in New Jersey’s Woodbury School System. She’s committed to supporting her students in any way she can, and that dedication recently became the subject of a massively viral Facebook post.

As the school year starts coming to a close, it’s time for kids across the country to undergo the dreaded yearly ritual of standardized testing. Each state has their own version of these tests. In New Jersey, it’s called PARCC.

These tests are pretty stressful for the students, so Mrs. Langford had a brilliant idea to bring a little relief …
Teacher notes on students

… She wrote them individualized notes on their desks prior to the test!

Teacher notes on students

PARCC regulations require all written materials in a classroom to be covered up prior to testing, so she wrote the messages using dry-erase markers that could easily be wiped up before the test started.

Teacher notes on students

She wrote a unique message for each student, catering it to their own special needs and learning styles.

Teacher notes on students

She signed each message as “Your Teachers,” as opposed to just her own name, in order to help the kids feel that everyone is rooting for them to succeed. She also left a pair of donut holes on each desk as a treat, along with a note that read, “Donut stress. Take your time and do your best!”

Teacher notes on students

The school was also quick to applaud Mrs. Lanford’s efforts. The school system’s official Facebook page posted the pictures of her messages, which quickly went viral and received thousands of likes and shares in a matter of days.

Teacher notes on students

Along with the photos, they added the following message:

“To motivate her 5th grade students, Mrs. Langford at Evergreen Avenue prepared inspirational, growth-mindset messages for every one of her students. Each personalized note was written in dry-erase marker on students’ desks so they could be cleaned up prior to starting PARCC.”

I’m sure the students and parents in Mrs. Langford’s class are all grateful for how much she cares for them.


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