Most People Don’t Know Which Yolk Is From A Healthy Chicken. But You Have To See This…

Eggs are part of a great breakfast and full of good things for your body. You may not have noticed that yolks vary in size and color. Why? It’s all in how the birds were treated in their lifetime, their opportunity for mobility and how they were fed.

Big Difference When They’re Side By Side

The pasteurized egg has those bubbles around it. It looks like the egg white is thicker, and it is. There is a natural coating called a “bloom” that protects the egg and can keep it fresh for a week or even two! Commercial eggs are stripped of this wonderful stuff and replaced with mineral oil.

The Egg Yolk Myth
Yes, Chickens Eat Grass. Yes, They Do It In Nature and It’s Sad We Don’t All Know That.

Most people picture chickens pecking at grain. It’s not often that you see chickens in commercials eating grass but that is the best food for them. They love weeds, actually.
The Egg Yolk Myth
Quality Varies A Lot And It Shows

If you grew up in the city, chances are you have never tried eggs birthed by happy, healthy chickens. “Free-range” is a bit misleading a title because these chickens differ greatly from their less fortunate, more commercial counterparts. The difference is one extra foot of space and a nesting box; they live in the same terrible conditions as non-free-range chickens.
The Egg Yolk Myth
The Health Scoop On Yolks

Busting myths is not just for those cool guys on TV. Worried about cholesterol? Avoiding yolks? This video will surprise and amaze you, not to mention make your breakfast delicious again.


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