These 43 Japanese Guys Quickly Toss A Coin In The Air To Create Something Beyond Incredible

Japanese energy drink makers were hard at work, while they trained 43 men to simultaneously toss 43 coins (one coin each) into a set of beakers placed some distance away. When viewed at full speed, it’s a very satisfying 2 seconds of concentration and coordination that’s probably the result of countless takes until it was done right. When the video is slowed down, however, we see that each beaker was filled with a very precise amount of water, creating a musical note when the coin is tossed in. In sequence, all the beakers combine to play Mozart’s “Minuet.” The whole video is a promotion for Japanese beverage company Suntory’s energy drink, Shuchu Regain, which they claim has concentration-enhancing properties. In case you’re wondering what Mozart has to do with it, a 2013 study by Harvard and Kyoto University scientists found that listening to a Mozart minuet can help boost concentration and focus.


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