15 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Notebook

The Notebook is one of the most iconic romantic films of the 21st century. Filled with love, passion, heartbreak, and loss, this Nicholas Sparks adaptation became an instant classic.

Here are fifteen things you might not know about this memorable film.

1/15. Ryan Gosling improvised the iconic line, “What do you want? What do you want?”
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2/15. Though their onscreen love looked real, Ryan revealed that he couldn’t stand Rachel McAdams at first because she was too difficult to work with, and even wanted to get her kicked off the film. Director Nick Cassavetes called for an impromptu therapy session in which Gosling and McAdams could air their grievances to one another and patch things over.

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3/15. In the scene where Allie and Noah are dancing in the middle of an intersection, there is a Coca-Cola sign behind them that reads, “Coca-Cola, It’s The Real Thing.” This was a blooper, since this wasn’t the Coca-Cola slogan until 1970.

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4/15. The scenes when Allie and Noah are reunited after seven years were shot first. As a result, the cast and crew had to go on a break so Gosling could lose 20 pounds and the beard he had grown in order to play younger Noah.

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5/15. Coincidentally, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams share the same hometown of London, Ontario. Not only that, but they were both born in the same hospital.

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6/15. Ryan Gosling has blue eyes, but James Garner, the actor who played old Noah, has brown eyes. As a result, Gosling had to wear brown contacts for the entirety of the film.

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7/15. Gena Rowlands, the actress who played old Allie, is the mother of Nick Cassavetes, the director of the film.

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8/15. Rachel McAdams auditioned for the role of Allie last minute. She was attending another film premiere, and was given the script only one day in advance.

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9/15. James Marsden, the actor who played Lon Hammond, wasn’t convinced that the movie would be so successful. He was quoted as saying, “I thought the movie would be a shmaltzy movie of the week type thing, and here we are!”

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10/15. In preparation for his role as Noah, Ryan Gosling lived in Charleston, South Carolina. He rowed the Ashley River in the morning and built furniture during the day. The kitchen table featured in the film was built by Gosling.

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11/15. Tom Cruise was considered for the role of Noah. But director Nick Cassavetes was set on Ryan Gosling because he was young, up and coming, and apparently “not handsome”.

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12/15. Despite not getting along, it’s hard to deny that Gosling and McAdams had incredible chemistry. They won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards and were voted Best Movie Kiss Of All-Time by ET Weekly in 2011.

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13/15. At one point, Steven Spielberg was thinking of directing the film, but he eventually backed out.

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14/15. Other actresses considered for the role of Allie were Ashley Judd, Jessica Biel, and Britney Spears.

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15/15. The gorgeous scene where Allie and Noah go for a boat ride surrounded by birds almost didn’t happen. The production company tried to convince director Nick Cassavetes to cut the scene because it would be difficult to get the birds to cooperate. So Cassavetes took it upon himself to raise his own birds and trained them to be by the water so that they would cooperate during filming.

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