These Photos Of The Smallest Horse In The World Have Taken The Web By Storm

Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the world, is about to find a special place in your heart. She has taken the internet by storm and is absolutely adorable!

Thumbelina the mini horse was born on May 1, 2001.

Thumbelina mini horse1

She was born to two miniature horse parents.

Thumbelina mini horse2

Thumbelina lives at Goose Creek Farm in St. Louis, Missouri with the Goessling family.

Thumbelina mini horse3

This is Michael Goessling introducing her to a new friend. 

Thumbelina mini horse4

Thumbelina weighs in at 57 pounds and stands at only 17.5 inches tall.

Thumbelina mini horse5

The smallest horse in the world next to one of the biggest is a sight to see!

Thumbelina mini horse6

Guinness World Records recognized her as the smallest horse in the world in 2006.

Thumbelina mini horse7

Born with dwarfism, she has some trouble walking. But some special shoes help her to run and play with the other horses.

Thumbelina mini horse8

Thumbelina is also known for her charity work. She visits children in hospitals all over the United States.

Thumbelina mini horse9

Thumbelina puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets.

Thumbelina mini horse10


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