Beautiful Tiny House That Has A Large Surprise Inside

These “trailers,” if you can even call them that, are hip, economic, and encourage a simpler way of life than most people are accustomed to. With a tiny home, you can have your own personal Walden – on wheels!

This particular tiny home is unlike any we’ve ever seen. It’s almost as if M.C. Escher designed it. Its deceptively small size conceals a huge kitchen and bathroom. Take a look at these pictures and imagine you’re taking a personal tour of the home!

Believe it or not, this trailer is within the legal limits for towing size. This allows the proud owners to take it anywhere they want without having to worry about a permit.

Tiny home large kitchen1

As you can see from the exterior, this tiny home is gorgeous. The siding on this house is dark stained beveled cedar with white trim.

This bathroom isn’t just big, it’s beautiful. Complete with a washer, dryer, and spacious shower, this is certainly an uncommon sight in a tiny home.

Tiny home large kitchen2

Notice how the showerhead is mounted on the ceiling, which has visible, dark wood beams that add a touch of rustic chic to the entire experience.

Tiny home large kitchen3

This tiny home has more space and utilities than your typical Manhattan apartment. Just look at all of the drawers underneath that sink.

Tiny home large kitchen4

Worried about someone else hogging the sink? Never fear, because they installed two sinks in this luxurious bathroom.

Tiny home large kitchen5

With ten-foot ceilings, this tiny home is the opposite of cramped. It comes complete with two sleeping lofts, one of which you can access via the ladder on the back of the bathroom door.

Tiny home large kitchen6

If you don’t like the idea of climbing up to bed every night, you might prefer the other loft, which you can get to by walking up these stairs. They were sure to mount a hand rail, as well.

Tiny home large kitchen7

The loft has enough extra room for storage.

Tiny home large kitchen8

Get a load of this enormous kitchen. Can you believe all this can fit inside such a small trailer?

Tiny home large kitchen9

Hey, look, it’s a desk nook. The window provides plenty of light for reading and writing.

Tiny home large kitchen10

When you need some fresh air while you’re cooking, just open the windows. This counter folds down so that guests can use it as a table – hope you don’t mind standing!

Tiny home large kitchen11

Living in a tiny home can be a bit like Tetris. You have to find creative ways to use space.

Tiny home large kitchen12

They’ve outfitted their stairs with little storage spaces – how clever is that?

Tiny home large kitchen13

Your eyes don’t deceive you … that’s a full-size refrigerator in the kitchen. But, if you think that’s impressive, just wait ’til you see the rest of the kitchen.

Tiny home large kitchen14

You could make just about any meal imaginable with the amount of room on these counters. Throw in the four-burner cooktop and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine kitchen.

Tiny home large kitchen15

You better believe there’s a double sink in the kitchen, too.

Tiny home large kitchen16

This home comes fully stocked with all the appliances you need.

Tiny home large kitchen17

When your house attaches to a truck, home really is where you make it.

Tiny home large kitchen18


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