The Beginner’s Guide To Getting In Better Shape

Do you ever find yourself staring in a mirror thinking that it’s probably time to hit the gym? Hmmm, we all do, here’s some beginner tips for getting started once again!


Tips in getting in shape1

Walking is an easy way to get back in shape. Start small: take a daily walk around your neighborhood, and then gradually increasing the distance each day. 

Play sports

Tips in getting in shape2

There’s nothing worse than being bored and doing the same thing over and over. Try engaging in something you really enjoy, like tennis or squash, or have a race with a friend. 

Consider your physical capabilities

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You may want to try strength training, but it’s not for everyone. Some people can get lost with all the machinery. Instead, try bodyweight exercises which are just as effective and don’t require special equipment.

Go to spin classes

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Spinning is perfect cardio. You control your bike’s resistance and you can take a break whenever you feel too tired.

Try yoga

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The flexibility of the body is often overlooked when we are trying to get into shape. Yoga is a great way to make your muscles nice and flexible while working your core. 


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Swimming is a great way to workout since it increases your heart rate heart without putting strain on your joints. Swimming is especially suitable for those who suffer from frequent back pains and body aches.

Watch workout videos

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Watching workout videos is a powerful motivator and you can find a lot of free video workouts on YouTube — targeting either your full body or just specific parts you’d like to focus on. Use fitness apps

Tips in getting in shape8

Modern technologies, especially mobile apps,can help you save money on trainers, keep track of your results, and share your progress with just a few clicks.


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