15 Cleverly Designed Tips So You Can Save Money While Traveling The World

Here are some of the best money-saving tips for traveling the world. You don’t have to be a millionaire to travel if you follow these tips!

1. Rent an apartment or use a hospitality exchange

It’s tough to get the atmosphere of the city when you stay in a hotel.  In most destinations, the heart of the city can be found in the neighborhoods where everyday locals live and work. Renting an apartment such as via airbnb.com, is a great choice especially when you are planning to stay for a longer term. Not only will you save money but you’ll integrate into the local community.  Couch surfing is another inexpensive way of exploring places on a budget (couchsurfing.com). Once you’ve registered on the website, you get an opportunity to connect with people who offer their space for free and share your own home with travelers.

2. Fly into an airport in a neighboring city

Flying into smaller airports is usually much cheaper. For example, when choosing a flight to Nice, it’s cheaper to get a flight to Milan with a low-cost airline and then take the train to Nice.

3. Search for discount flight tickets and don’t forget about budget airlines

Airlines sometimes offer discounted flights. Sign up for their newsletter to keep abreast of the pricing. Another option is to consider low-cost budget carriers. Keep in mind, if you’re booking low-cost flights, your airline may charge additional fees for luggage and meals.

4. The cheapest flights tend to be early in the morning or late at night.

Early-morning or late-night flights are less popular, which makes them cheaper. If you schedule your flight for that time of day, it will help you to spend some more fantastic days on the beach, particularly if your vacation is a short one.

5. Use public transport instead of sightseeing buses

Discover the major sights of many European cities through the window of a city bus. In Berlin, the public bus no.100 offers the cheapest sightseeing tours. For only 3 Euros, you’ll pass most of the city’s main points of interest: Alexanderplatz, Unter den Linden (a magnificent boulevard), Berlin Cathedral, the Brandenburg Gate, the Tiergarten, Potsdamer Platz, the Berlin zoo, etc. In Venice, the Alilaguna boat line runs public boat trips from the airport to the city center for only 15 Euros per person one way, which is six times cheaper than using a sleek private boat.

6. Buy a museum card

A museum card is a personal card that allows free entrance to almost all museums for the one, two or even more days. All major cities of the world have them available. If you plan on visiting a lot of museums in a short period of time, for reduced admission fees and shorter waiting lines, it’s definitely worth buying one of these cards.

7. Think about payment methods in advance

If you often make purchases in Euros, use a MasterCard instead of Visa credit card. The reason: unlike MasterCard, Visa always charges a currency conversion fee. In some countries paying by credit card is not an option, so as to  avoid high exchange rates, it is better to exchange currency at home before your trip. And always have some cash with you.

8. Fortify yourself with a good lunch

Cafés and restaurants usually get most of their visitors during dinner time. Therefore, many of them offer significant discounts for breakfast and lunch. The golden rule: ’Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner to your enemy.’

9. Book a secret hotel room

Secret hotel rooms are unsold hotel rooms that are sold at a reduced price, usually  30%-50% less than their usual list price. The catch: you don’t know upfront which hotel you’re booking the room in. Secret deals like this can be found on the following websites: lastminute.com and hotwire.com

10. Use browser extensions to find active promo codes

The online shopping industry has absolutely exploded, to the point that there are people who will only buy new products online. When it comes to preparing for a vacation, buying travel-related stuff on the internet seems even more appealing. If you like online shopping, the Honey browser extension is something you need. Just install it and this program will help you see all the coupons and sales available.

11. Try the local cuisine without going to an expensive restaurant

Do you like trying the native dishes of the countries you visit? Check out hotwire.com for budget-friendly, delicious meals cooked by the locals. This is the best way to meet new people, make new friends and try out new cuisines.

12. Install travel apps and online maps on your smartphone

Search for the apps and maps that can be used offline, without an internet connection. You may be surprise, some can even replace a real tour guide.

13. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and complimentary services

You can negotiate room tariffs in the case of hotel bookings or ask for a free transfer from the airport to the city center if such services are included in the cost of the ticket. And don’t forget to haggle, you can cut the original price nearly in half.

14. Prepare for the trip in advance

Spontaneous travel can be a wonderful and exciting thing, but it’s not the way to save money. You can keep costs down if you do a little planning in advance. Plan your transfer from the airport, learn about free museum exhibits, read the reviews of the local restaurants to help you reduce travel-related expenses.

15. Vacation with friends

Those people who travel alone will pay 10-50 percent more for accommodation. If you head to Asia with 3-4 of your friends and plan to stay there for a long time, you’ll be able to rent a luxurious villa for a small amount of money.


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