Couple Says They’re Pregnant With Twins, Then Stuns Family When They Reveal Third Baby

Desiree and Ryan Fortin had tried for years to conceive a baby together.

They’d tried intrauterine insemination multiple times, but that method simply was not working for them. It seemed that they would never be able to have a child of their own. For some couples, this would break their spirits completely.

But Desiree and Ryan didn’t give up. They decided to give in vitro fertilization a try. Lo and behold, the couple was finally pregnant!

Within a few weeks, they could see the life taking shape inside of Desiree’s growing belly. When they saw the images, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes: there was more than one baby in there!

When these two were finally able to throw a big baby bash for all of their friends and family, they wanted to surprise them with the genders of their babies. They placed two large boxes on a table and asked their guests to vote.

Little did they know that no one could possibly guess the right answer.

After both of the giant boxes were opened up in front of everyone, the guests thought that that was the peak of the excitement for the day. They’d go on to enjoy the snacks and the family time, but no more big surprises were in store.

Boy, were they wrong.

When one guest goes behind the bushes and brings a mysterious box out to the party? You’ve got to see this.

You can catch up with the Fortins on their YouTube channel and Facebook page, too.

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