A Few Simple Plastic Bottles On Your Fence Will Give You A Beautiful Garden

People make all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t plant fruits, vegetables, or flowers around their house. Either there isn’t enough space, the ground isn’t fertile, or they’ve never had a green thumb in their life. Well, we’re here to tell you that having enough space, fertile ground, and gardening skills are no longer an issue. Even if you have a tiny backyard, with hardly enough room to sit and relax, there is still a way that you can plant flowers that’ll brighten up your living space. Plus, the ground itself doesn’t even have to be fertile.

This DIY gardening project comes from Magdalena Krzywon of the blog Mama Is Dreaming. Krzywon is a mother living in London who loves sharing her crafty expertise with the world. Here, she shows us how plastic bottles are the key to growing beautiful flowers and fresh herbs no matter how much space you have. Her project works great everywhere, from small apartment porches to big backyard fences.

Still worried about your lack of a green thumb? Don’t be. This backyard DIY is nearly impossible to mess up. All you need are some plastic bottles, colorful string, and potting soil. Check out the images below for full instructions on how you can create hanging plastic bottle planters for your home.

Magdalena starts by taking a large, plastic bottle. No need to worry about removing the label since we’ll only be working with the top half. Using an X-Acto knife, she slices the bottle in half.

Turn Fence Into Garden1

Then, she takes some colorful string and wraps it around the bottle. This particular one had a nice crease where the string sat comfortably.

Turn Fence Into Garden2

Next, she makes two holes near the top of the bottle with a hole punch.

Turn Fence Into Garden3

Finally, she ties a long piece of string through each of the holes.

Turn Fence Into Garden4

This allows her to hang the bottles from her fence like this:

Turn Fence Into Garden5

After you repeat this process several times, you should have plenty of decorative bottle planters hanging in your backyard. But what good are planters without plants?

Turn Fence Into Garden6

Once she’d completed her planters, Magdalena set off to purchase some fresh flowers.

Turn Fence Into Garden7

She returned with some that were well-suited for growing in a hanging planter. Your local nursery should be able to help you select the perfect flowers.

Turn Fence Into Garden8

Then, she got to planting!

Turn Fence Into Garden9

Magdalena even got creative with string patterns.

Turn Fence Into Garden10

Thanks to the different bottle designs and colorful string, each planter looks totally unique.

Turn Fence Into Garden11

The best part? They hardly cost anything at all!

Turn Fence Into Garden12

Now, Magdalena has fresh herbs and flowers every day. Click here to read more about Magdalena’s experience with these upcycled plastic bottle planters.

Turn Fence Into Garden13

Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to turn your plastic bottles into something that’ll make your backyard look lovely this summer.


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