Prepare To Be Impressed By These 9-Year-Old Twins Who Are Experts At Classical Piano

Elias and Zion are 9-year-old twins, and expert piano players. They aren’t just good at playing their keyboard, they’re amazing! The two brothers, dressed in fancy top hats and maroon velvet suits, sit down at the bench and start moving their small fingers along the keys.


Elias and Zion start playing the keyboard together – everyone in the crowd went wild as soon as the keyboard duo began. It’s plain to see that these 9-year-olds definitely have a lot of skill packed in their small hands!


As they finish their performance, the audience rises to give them a much-deserved standing ovation. Even the judges join in with the clapping and cheering! Unsurprisingly, the twins are unanimously passed through to the next round. Now they have just a short amount of time to get their next performance down!


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