People In Los Angeles Flip Out When They See Space Satellite Launch, Insisting “UFO Sighting”

When a space satellite launched, it sparked a brief UFO scare in Los Angeles. Startled viewers gawked at an unidentifiable streak of light soaring across the night sky. Twitter was flooded with pictures and videos of the strange vessel. People even speculated that aliens were finally making their long-awaited debut.

“Anyone else sees that #UFO in LA just now!?” tweeted one shaken resident. ‘WTF is that???’

Others braced themselves for extraterrestrial visitation and chided non-believers for ever doubting the presence of life in the universe.

“Everyone is Downtown LA was pretty freaked out,” reported one witness on Twitter, adding that crowds cocked their heads skyward to view the phenomenon.

While other Tweeters quickly debunked the UFO theory, stating that the jellyfish-shaped object was, in fact, part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite fleet.

The Falcon 9 booster rocket, carrying 10 satellites, launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base around 5:30 p.m. California time en route to destinations across the globe.

‘Elon Musk just scared the f*** out of me!” tweeted one shaken Los Angeleno.

“For 10 minutes I was under the impression that the Aliens had finally come,” said another user in a tweet to the tech innovator. “It was kind of a letdown but still, thank you for the experience.”

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