15 Cakes You Won’t Believe Are Actually Edible

 Here are 15 prime examples of cakes that are just as much a feast for the eyes as they are for our bellies.

1. Rose Cake

unbelievable cake designs1

This gorgeous cake looks just like a rose, and uses modeling chocolate instead of fondant to create those flawless petals.

2. Pouring Candy

unbelievable cake designs2

What kind of sorcery is this?

3. Tiger Stripes

unbelievable cake designs3

That is absolutely wild!

4. This Little Piggy …

unbelievable cake designs4

… looks too cute to eat! Awwww!

5. Hedgehog

unbelievable cake designs5

Little chocolate buttons planted into the frosting give the illusion of hedgehog spikes. Bonus: mouth full of candy instead of spikes.

6. Tree Stump

unbelievable cake designs6

Has the search for your next cool cake idea got you stumped? Stop barking up the wrong tree and check out this cake.

7. Pizza Cake

unbelievable cake designs7

What’s better than pizza pie? Pizza cake, obviously!

8. Starbucks Frappuccino

unbelievable cake designs8

Wow, it looks JUST like an actual frap – and probably still costs less than the real thing.

9. Burmese Python

unbelievable cake designs9

If I walked into a room and saw that staring back at me, I’d probably stab it with a knife anyway, so it’s a good thing it’s made out of cake.

10. Back To School

unbelievable cake designs10

That’s certainly one way to get kids psyched up for the new school year!

11. Gus’s House

unbelievable cake designs11

This replica of Gus’s house from Disney/Pixar’s Up is perfect, right down to every little detail. All it needs is some balloons!

12. Cinderella’s Carriage

unbelievable cake designs12

If you’re more into the classic Disney fare, though, then check out this ode to Cinderella.

13. Stacked Books

unbelievable cake designs13

I know a couple of bookworms who would love to get a cake like this for their birthdays.

14. Vanity Dresser

unbelievable cake designs14

The level of detail here is so impressive that this is almost too pretty to eat.

15. Flag Cake

unbelievable cake designs15



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