Before Tossing Broken Trampoline Out With Trash, Consider These 10 Clever Repurposing Options

Children love to play on trampolines but what do you do with it when it breaks or gets worn out?

Here’s a few great ideas:

Children’s Hideout

Repurpose an old trampoline with fabric to create this secret hideout. Your kids will love playing inside it!

Trampline Wreath

Create an oversized trampoline wreath! This is perfect for the holidays!


Use an old trampoline to create a neat vegetable garden. The base of the trampoline acts as good support for wire fencing or netting to prevent unwanted intruders from invading.

Outdoor Awning

Block out the sun on the hot, sunny days with this trampoline awning. Place a few chairs and a table underneath, and you will have created the perfect outdoor lounge area.

Tropical Fantasy

Don’t go to Hawaii for a tropical fantasy, bring the islands to you with this creative romantic beach cabana. You can create this using an old trampoline, and it’s great to relax on. I would take many afternoon naps on this!

Camp Out

Keep your trampoline outside in the backyard, and build it into a giant camp. Now, you and your children can camp out whenever you please.

Chicken Coop

Now this is a very unique idea. Create an impressive chicken coop using an old trampoline. The open underside of the trampoline allows the chickens to enjoy the grass while the wire fencing wrapped around the perimeter keeps them from running away.

Chickens are protected from predators in this awesome design.

Soccer Goal

Create a soccer goal for your children. The best part is that the ball bounces straight back to them!

Floral Frame

Make a lovely floral frame for your yard. Place a swinging chair underneath to create a serene, relaxing resting area.

Flower Bed

An old trampoline takes flower beds to a whole new level, literally. They raise the plants taller and keeps critters from messing with them.


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