8 Alternative Ways You Can Use Bread Around Your Home

Here are some unique ways to use bread.  It’s not always for just toast and sandwiches!

Back To The Grindstone

Dirty coffee grinder? Here’s a simple way to clean it! Break up a slice of bread into the grinder, and give it a whirl! Then, use a dry towel to wipe out the crumbs. You’ll be impressed at how effectively the bread absorbs the tiny coffee remains, and leaves you with a shiny appliance!
bread to the rescue 1

Picking Up The Pieces

Broken glass?  Cleaning up the shards from a broken glass may cause a bit of concern, especially if there are pets or children in the home. The next time you find yourself “picking up the pieces” off the floor… think bread! It’s a wonderful way to grasp those microscopic fragments. Idea found on Cleanspiration.
bread to the rescue 2

Oops, You Did It Again!

Left the rice cooking too long, and now it’s slightly “overdone”?  But before you give up on it, try this helpful hint. Place a slice of bread overtop the rice, cover with the lid, and allow it to sit a few moments. You just may be surprised at how well the bread absorbs the burnt taste and smell. Viola, dinnertime! Idea found on YouTube.
bread to the rescue 3

Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing worse than going to serve yourself a large piece of that leftover strawberry birthday cake, and finding that it’s already going stale. Next time, line the open edge of the cake with slices of bread. This tip will ensure that your cake stays moist and delicious a bit longer, giving you more time to enjoy it! Idea found on Lace and Olive.
bread to the rescue 4

What Lies Beneath

Splinters may be little, but they sure can cause a great deal of soreness and rather than poking the tender area with tweezers… why not let the splinter come to you? Try putting a small piece of bread directly on top of the splinter, and then covering it with a bandage. Leave this in place overnight. When you wake in the morning, the splinter will be inside of the bread! Idea found on It Keeps Getting Better.
bread to the rescue 5

All Cried Out

Cooking can be an extremely enjoyable experience, except for the tear-filled, stinging eyes during the slicing and dicing of the onions. The next time you chop a raw onion, try holding a piece of bread in your mouth so that it hangs out a bit.  Idea found on wikiHow.
bread to the rescue 6

Like A Rock

There is nothing quite like the sweet taste of brown sugar, especially in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. But chomping down on a rock hard clump of it? When you find that your brown sugar is becoming hard, add a slice of bread to the jar and let it sit overnight. The sugar will absorb the moisture from the bread and become soft again. Bake on!
bread to the rescue 7

Piping Hot

A buttery, hot ear of corn straight off the grill…. mmm! But we could do without the awkward task of applying the butter to the corn, right? Well, with this simple secret you’ll be slathered up and ready to go in no time! Lay your pad of butter on a piece of bread and run the ear of corn back and forth overtop. Super easy! Idea found on How To Cook Like Your Grandmother.
bread to the rescue 8

Got Carbs?

Many things in life can be difficult, but not everything has to be. Bread is inexpensive, usually in our kitchen, and able to help in a number of tricky situations… so use it! Share these helpful hints with your friends and family, and spread the carb love!


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