He Uses A Lighter To Seal The End Of A Straw. The Reason Why Is Brilliant.

The common household drinking straw as an awesome and highly versatile piece of equipment for the outdoors?? Indeed it is!

This video demonstrates just a few of the many creative and useful applications that a plain ol’ drinking straw can be used for. Some of the uses shown here include:

– A simple, cheap, and effective firestarter dubbed “The FireStraw”. Made with basic Vasoline saturated cotton balls, this little fire starter is not only compact, waterproof, and very effective, but highly visible as well… making it much easier to find in your pack or if dropped.
– A compact and lightweight spice kit for the backpacker or hiker who enjoys a good meal while on the trail.
– A great option for 1st Aid and medical applications, such as: Making cost-effective, single use antibiotic ointment packets, or even for storing and protecting important medications while in-the-field.
– Transporting a variety of liquids without the bulk and weight that are oftentimes prohibitive factors while hiking and/or backpacking.


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