You’ve Been Using Chopsticks Wrong Your Entire Life, Here’s How You Do It

Mastering the art of using chopsticks can take a few tries, but almost everyone agrees that you follow the same first steps every time: Break them apart, and dig in.

Most people use chopsticks the same way. They just break them apart and dig in.

Using Chopsticks1

But have you ever noticed the little notch at the top? It actually serves a very important purpose.

Using Chopsticks2

Just snap off that little wooden tab at the end and, voila! You’ve got an automatic, built-in chopstick stand.

Using Chopsticks3

No more searching for a place to set them down mid-meal, and no more soy sauce stains on your tablecloth.

Using Chopsticks4

Of course, you could continue to use chopsticks the old way, but why would you want to? This is brilliant!


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