She Takes A Photo With A Stranger. Moments Later, The Man Gives Her Something She Will Never Forget…

Morissa Pena is a makeup artist living in Phoenix, Arizona. When she isn’t doing makeup, however, she supplements her income by waiting tables at a local Hooters. Most of us have probably worked a side job at some point in our lives. Whether it’s serving food in a restaurant or driving for Uber, it’s easy to get stuck in the same old routine where you show up, do your work and go home without putting much thought into things.

Morissa’s routine shift was interrupted when she spotted a homeless man sitting alone on the curb as she pulled into work. She made a decision right then and there, a life-changing one to be exact, to approach the homeless man, take him inside and feed him with her own money.

Few people would have taken the time that Morissa took to put her day on pause and help someone less fortunate than her, but their interaction didn’t end there. Before he left, the homeless man decided to leave her with something she would never forget. Check out the full story of Morissa and Rick’s heartwarming encounter below.

At 9:28 pm, on February 3rd, Morissa Pena posted this message to Facebook:

waitress helps a man

“Today when I pulled into work, I happened to glance into my rear view mirror and notice this man sitting on a curb across the street. His name is Rick. I walk up to him and ask if he’s okay…he barely mumbled a ‘no’ and looked down and started sobbing. I asked if he was hungry…he said ‘very.’

I helped him off the ground and linked his arm with mine.”

waitress helps a man

“I introduced myself to Rick and explained that I worked here at Hooters and we would be happy to have him. I sat him down and told him he could order whatever he wanted, on me. Another table bought him a dessert. He was so grateful…he told me he was here from Ohio and had been hit by a car, and he couldn’t go to the hospital because he didn’t have even an ID. He showed me his necklace, it has Philippians 4:13 engraved on it. He was telling me how it was the only thing he had.

We cried together.”

waitress helps a man

“He finished up his meal and told me he would never forget my name, my face, and how I had given him hope again. I asked if it was okay if we took a picture together, he was delighted. He even pulled out a small comb and combed his beard for our picture…so cute! As he goes to leave, he takes off his necklace and hands it to me, and told me he wanted me to have it. I was speechless. I still am.
This man gave me the only thing that had any value to him. That is a debt I will never be able to repay.”

waitress helps a man

“I will never forget Rick and the few moments we spent together. Please, remember to be kind. Remember to help where you can and to do it selflessly.
If you can, share this as a reminder, and also so more people can send positive thoughts towards Rick and the other homeless people who need it. Have a wonderful rest of your day.”

waitress helps a man


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