14 Creative Things To Do With Baby Food Jars


Magnetic Spice Containers
Ways to use baby jar1

Even the most skilled of chefs could use a little help when it comes to keeping things organized in the kitchen. When it comes to spices, you can use baby food containers to store them and magnetically attach them to a metal surface so they are out of the way.

Wall-Mounted Bathroom Supplies
Ways to use baby jar2

Keep your most-used toiletries handy with this beautiful wall-mounted storage solution. This will keep your counters tidy while having everything you need within reach.

Arts And Craft Storage
Ways to use baby jar3

If arts and crafts are a hobby of yours, then you know that keeping your supplies organized can be a challenge. Baby food containers can be used to make a clever storage unit for your inventory.

Paint Sampling Containers
Ways to use baby jar4

If you are planning on repainting your home, it’s difficult to envision what a color will look like until it’s already applied. Luckily, many paint shops offer samples that you can take home and try out for yourself. Baby food containers are perfect for this in that they can be sealed tightly and are small enough that you can carry several with ease.

Match Storage
Ways to use baby jar5

Matches are essential in every emergency kit, but their packaging is rarely waterproof. Store your matches properly by using a baby food jar and taping the abrasive strip to the inside of the lid.

Nail Polish Remover
Ways to use baby jar6

Keep nail polish remover handy with you on the go. All you have to do is buy a few kitchen sponges with a scouring pad and cut them into pieces. Soak the pieces in nail polish remover and store them in your baby food jar.

Mini Candles
Ways to use baby jar7

It may be difficult to believe, but this stunning candle was actually made using a baby food jar.

Salt And Pepper Shakers
Ways to use baby jar8

Don’t waste your money by buying salt and pepper shakers. All you need is a couple of baby food containers to make your own.

Ways to use baby jar9

The ones in this project were decorated using a stencil and some enamel paint. Check out this link to learn more about this project.

Sewing Kit And Pincushion
Ways to use baby jar10

One of the worst things that can happen to any garment is losing a button. The next time this happens to you, be prepared with your own miniature pincushion and sewing kit.

Hanging Flowers
Ways to use baby jar11

Having flowers hanging like this in your window will make the sun seem that much brighter.

Decorative Miniature Vases
Ways to use baby jar12

This DIY is great for baby showers or if you are having guest over during the day. Using baby food jars, dip them into a shallow bowl of latex paint.

Ways to use baby jar13

Leave them upside down to dry, and each one will have an elegant, asymmetrical look to them. No two will be alike.

Ways to use baby jar14

If you are feeling a bit more ambitious with your DIY projects, you should definitely give these lighthouse candle holders a try. You can design them however you like, and they can give any room a distinctly nautical feel. Just be sure to use electric tealight candles, and not real ones!


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