Instead Of Throwing Your Broken Drawers Away, Why Not Use Them In A Brand New Way?

Sometimes, we find ourselves with and old dresser that has outlived its usefulness.  Maybe it’s out of style, maybe the drawers don’t close anymore, whatever the reason, it’s time for it to go. How about upcycling it? Here’s some clever and creative DIY ideas for the drawers.

1. Keep kitchen essentials handy.

ways to use old drawers

No more fussing with boxes of plastic wrap and Ziploc baggies. Instead, hang a dresser drawer on the wall, add some dowel rods and you’ve got everything you need for packing lunches right where you can see it.

2. Boring medicine cabinet? Hello cute shelving!

ways to use old drawers

Storage and style go hand-in-hand with this repurposed dresser drawer. A dowel rod can hold towels or even extra rolls of toilet paper, while the inside of the drawer is the perfect spot to store the extra bottles of soap and other cleansers.

3. Replace a bulky bookshelf.

ways to use old drawers

Free up some floor space with these dresser-drawers-turned-bookshelves. They look great on the wall and they create great storage.

4. Add some unique flair to bare walls.

ways to use old drawers

Display all your favorite pictures and knickknacks! Paint the drawers, add some contact paper to the bottom of them, and change out the knobs to fit in with any decor.

5. Make something for man’s best friend.

ways to use old drawers

Any dog bed from the store might be comfy, but a custom-made bed like this one is perfect for your favorite canine companion.

6. Make the perfect toy: a miniature model of your house.

ways to use old drawers

While every kid might dream of their own Barbie house, this customized dollhouse is something truly special.