Strange Photos That Will Make You Question Reality

1. A recently uncovered photo of Hitler during the First World War. Hitler had to cut his mustache to fit inside a gas mask.
weird photos 1

2. This is all one photo. No Photoshop used!
weird photos 2

3. Here’s what a soda bottle looks like before it’s filled with air.
weird photos 3

4. This is a “loaf” of glass that can be sliced. It’s made using a technique called murrine and was designed by artist Loren Stump. Each slice is valued at around $5,000.
weird photos 4

5. These coins aren’t glued together, they’re stacked.
weird photos 5

6. An eclipse during a sunset.
weird photos 6

7. Perfect cubes of pyrite.
weird photos 7

8. A child’s skull before all of the baby teeth fell out.
weird photos 8

9. A brick-laying machine.
weird photos 9

10. How a human sees versus how a cat sees.
weird photos 10

11. A piece of a meteorite found in China in 2000.
weird photos 11

12. A 3D-printed cast that heals bones faster than the traditional kind.
weird photos 12