Cleaning Your Toilet Has Never Been More Simple, Thanks To This White Vinegar Trick

Keeping your house clean can challenging and hard work. Washrooms are the least favorite place for anyone to have to clean with all of the gross germs that it harbors.

The Household Hacker has created seven amazing washroom cleaning hacks to make your washroom sparkle!

These cleaning tricks include:

  • Cleaning your toilet by pouring vinegar in the tank, scrubbing down the bowl with vinegar, and flushing (skip to 1:57 of the video to see the full details!)
  • Cleaning your mirrors with newspapers and tea
  • Removing water stains on fixtures with the acid from lemons
  • Washing nasty toothbrush holders and soap dispensers in the dishwasher
  • Keeping your toilet brush clean by adding all-purpose cleaner to the holder.

For all the details and more washroom cleaning hacks, check out this brilliant video below.


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