Woman And Her Irish Wolfhound Dressed Up Like Wayne’s World Characters For Halloween

When former Miss Delaware Kate Banaszak started to think about a Halloween costume, she remembered her favorite 90s movie.  Then came up with the look that would make any ‘Wayne’s World’ movie fan proud! Together with her Irish wolfhound, Kellan, she channeled Wayne and Garth in the most epic fashion ever!

“I actually toyed with other costume ideas because I thought Wayne’s World was so 90’s, a lot of people may not ‘get it,’” Banaszak said. “But, I’m a huge fan of the movie so decided to go with the idea anyway!”

Banaszak looked absolutely stunning dressed as Wayne, but it was Kellan a.k.a. Garth that deserves the prize for the best Halloween costume! Banaszak’s pooch totally nailed it with trademark disheveled hair and thick black frames! Our verdict? COOL!

“I really did not think he looked that much like Garth at first,” Banaszak said. “It was actually his personality that made me think he’d be a great Garth. He’s this goofy, lovable guy that is the BEST friend you could ever ask for, and we have a way of getting into crazy shenanigans together. When I tried the wig and glasses on him it just all came together – I looked at him and thought, “oh my god, Garth Algar lives.””

Last year Banaszak together with Kellan’s smaller sister, Bella, got dressed as unicorns.

Former Miss Delaware Kate Banaszak and her Irish wolfhound, Kellan, dressed as 90s movie characters.


Our verdict?


Last year Banaszak, together with Kellan’s smaller sister, Bella, got dressed as unicorns.


So get creative with your pets, put some effort into their outfits and then… In the words of Wayne and Garth… Party on!


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