After Being Forced To Quit His Job He Reported Their Unsafe Practices

I worked at a job that I knew was dangerously unsafe. I saw one person get the tops of three of their fingers cut off. Another person gets their finger crushed. Two explosions and three fires. One day after I almost got killed there I decided to quit even though I had no money and might end up homeless. I justified that being homeless was better than being dead.

It didn’t rest well with me that they would just get other people to go there and risk their lives unnecessarily or unknowingly, so I made a few calls and was told to go to a place called L&I. I went in, and they told me to write out my complaints (this was pre-internet) and it would be anonymous. I hand wrote 3 pages of the terrible things I experienced right there in the L&I office, I handed them back the paperwork, and they told me that they would send me letters regarding the outcome of my complaint.

I found another job a month later and forgot all about it until I started receiving letters. I received letters for over 5 years. They tore that place a new one over and over and over again. They were fined millions and were forced to fix all their horrendous practices. The place is still there today and undoubtedly a much safer place to work at now. Sure, I didn’t get any monetary compensation for what I did, but I have a clean conscience knowing that I stopped some innocent person from getting maimed or killed just because they desperately needed a job.

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